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The History of the Flagstaff House

By Betty Anne

Around two weeks ago, my family and I headed to downtown Boulder for a night. That night, we went to a special dinner at the Flagstaff House restaurant. When we got up the immense mountain, we walked inside of the old shack that has been renovated into a high-end dine-in that blends in to its outdoorsy surroundings.

When we walked in, we got greeted by the kindest hosts. Then we had a chat with Adam about the Flagstaff’s history. Adam’s grandfather Don founded the Flagstaff House. It’s the Flagstaff’s fiftieth anniversary!

When the Flagstaff first started, all of Don's family worked there, from his children to his grandchildren. Don actually lives right by the Flagstaff House with his wife. The Flagstaff House was originally an old shack for storage, and then it was someone's house, and then a small restaurant only open in summer, and now it’s an amazing family friendly dine-in.

While we talked with Adam, Ali, the drinks expert, brought us each a drink that we all truly enjoyed. I had a Cinnamon Toast Crunch mocktail, and my mom had a cucumber gimlet.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch mocktail. Photo by Betty Anne

My dad had a Cherry Blossom saki. Then after we talked for a while, we headed to our pleasing table with a marvelous view of Boulder.

Then a server walked out with an assortment of breads and cheeses to start us out. I admired the goat cheese. After we finished eating the bread and cheese, they came out again with another sort of bread.

The perfect bread. Photo by Betty Anne

The bread they brought out was the perfect bread. Not even joking. I had over five pieces, not including the bread I stole from my family. After that, they brought out many more delightful foods.

An early course at the Flagstaff House. Photo by Betty Anne

When we finished with all of those meals, the chef brought us out dessert. The desert they had prepared was one of the most amusing desserts I can think of. It was mini donuts with a wonderful espresso. Then there were mini cream puffs, and next there were miniature cakes, and finally chocolate strawberries. Literally, chocolate. The strawberries were fully made out of chocolate and inside I believe there was strawberry jam.

Some of the dessert at the Flagstaff House. Photo by Betty Anne

At the end, we all choose our favorite meals. My favorite was the lamb, dessert, bread, etc.

In all, this was an unbelievably incredible experience at the one and only Flagstaff House!

P.S. I have been saying that when I go to college, I want to go to CU for architecture and while I am at college be a nature photographer and dream to work as a server at the Flagstaff!

View of Boulder from our table. Photo by Betty Anne

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